Talgarth MTB Red 2 - Foothills of the Black Mountains

talgarth mtb red two

A brief climb out of Talgarth takes you into the foothills of the Black Mountains. Y Dâs and Twmpa tower above you as you make your way along the lanes and sunken roads. After passing through Felindre Village you have a tough climb before the final off-road section. Then its back down into Talgarth for a well earned cuppa. O/S Ref: GR154 338 Explorer OL12 & Explorer OL13.

32km - 20miles

Start Talgarth Car Park. GR153337. Leave CP and turn L towards town centre. Turn sharp R before bridge. At JN continue SO (Strand Café) and after a few hundred metres fork R. SO for 2½ km and turn L. After 1 km where road goes sharp R, turn L onto track. SO for ½ km to road and turn R. SO for 1½ km and turn L at T-junction. After 1½ km, where road enters open area, go SO onto grassy track. SO for 1½ km to road and turn R. After 2½ km road turns sharp L downwards through a wide-open area. Turn R here following a rutted path climbing gently. After 1 km turn sharp L following fence (Don’t go SO here). Follow small path down to rickety gate and onto grassy track, and onwards to X roads just before Pen yr Heol farmyard. Turn sharp R here. SO for a few hundred metres and go through gate. Turn R here and follow old track down and through fords. On entering open ground turn L following stone wall to road after 1 km. Turn R onto road. SO for 2 km or so, around sharp L hand bend. Then after another ½ km as road bends R, turn L down farm track. Follow track for 2½ km and out onto tarmac road. Then SO for 1 km to junction and turn L. At next junction shortly afterwards, turn R and SO for 1 km. Turn L at junction and follow road for 3½ km to Felindre village. Turn L at pub and ride up through village. Just before modern houses, turn R. SO up steep hill for ¾ km. At end of tarmac road fork R onto level track. SO and through gate (house above, left). SO for a couple of hundred metres and turn sharp L, upwards. SO for 1 km to road. At road, go SO and take second turning R. SO for ¾ km. Just before cattle grid turn L. At Berth Fedw farm, turn L before entering yard. Follow track down, then up, then down again to road. Turn R onto road and descend back to Talgarth.

Abbreviations: SO - Straight on | R - Right | L - Left | Bw - Bridleway | JN – Junction